New album out now:
Hopeless Case Of Perseverance

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New album out now!

Hopeless Case Of Perseverance is finally available on cd and digital format!

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4 months ago

The Guestz

Totally agree ✌My good friend, Ron Young of Little Caesar is both philosopher and poet and today he posted something that I agree with 100%.

"To my fellow Performers: stop, Stop, STOP doing "VIP" packages for your fans! I understand and relate to how hard it is making a profit touring, but stop monetizing the passion of some of your fans to charge them extra funds for a small amount of time with you offstage. To charge extra money to meet you or spend some time with you is exploitive. If you need to make extra money, go out to your merch booth and spend more time with those that purchase your shirts or CD's or whatever it is you sell that has a tangible value. They will wear it or listen to it with the warmth of the memory of the time you spent with them. The self indulgence and pimping of yourselves is getting pathetic. Pathetic seems desperate, desperate is insecure, insecure ain't cool. Period."

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Shortly About

The GuestZ have everything a proper rock band must have:
powerful, energetic, loud but yet keeping their focus on melodies and hooks.

Band by Malibù

Founded in Rome, Italy, in 2006, the band released their successful debut ep “Not For Money, Just For Glory” in 2008. They played a lot of gigs in Rome and throughout Italy, opening for some popular bands (such as Crashdiet, Quireboys, Faster Pussycat, L.A. Guns and Airbourne) and took part to popular festivals like the Glamattakk in Turin.

After a long work with producer Danilo Silestri (of Giuda fame), the band completed the new album “Hopeless Case Of Perseverance“, released in 2017.

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Press quotes

  • “A band with a shit-load of potential!” [Glitzine – UK]
  • “They’re the type of band that will live and die by big hooks” [Rock And a Hard Place – USA]
  • “It makes us feel as if we were listening to an American band” [Burrrn! – JAP]
  • “If they come to a city near you, go see them; it looks like one wild time!” [Rock Eyez – USA]
  • “Huge guitars, great riffs and refrains” [Metal Maniac magazine – ITA]
  • “Passion and perseverance plus the right amount of talent” [Classix – ITA]
  • “Pure adrenaline” [Rock Hard Magazine – ITA]


The new album featuring 9 original songs, released on cd digipack (featuring a bonus track) and digital format.

Released 20/10/2017 – (c) Illegal Records


Available on cd digipack (click here to buy) and on all major digital outlets.

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